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Keep the Kids Entertained with a Car DVD Player Installation; Call Now if You’re Near Winston-Salem, NC or the Surrounding Areas

Every parent has faced the unpleasant car ride dilemma – a long, boring drive with nothing to entertain restless kiddos but a made-up road trip game. The Stereo Shop in Winston-Salem, NC has the perfect solution for your family! Never battle with your kids over long car trips again with a car DVD player installation from The Stereo Shop. We have awesome options for an overhead DVD player or headrest DVD player installation to fit your family’s needs.

Not looking for a car TV for your family? Perhaps you’re in need of a car DVD player for a commercial vehicle or your own entertainment needs and the many benefits of a car DVD player. Whatever the reason, The Stereo Shop is your local, family-owned option for the best in the business car video installation. Provide endless entertainment for yourself, your family, guests, and customers with car DVD player installation.

When you find yourself in need of a car DVD player installation, look no further than The Stereo Shop. The Stereo Shop is your local service option with over two decades of car audio and video excellence.
We provide trusted DVD player installation service to the following towns:
  • North Carolina car DVD player installation:
    • Winston-Salem
    • Clemmons
    • Walkertown
    • High Point
    • Wilkesboro
    • Davidson County
    • Boone
  • Virginia car DVD player installation:
    • Fancy Gap
    • Davy County
    • Stokes County
    • East Bend
The Stereo Shop is a local, family-owned business that has built a reputation for exceptional service with over two decades of experience. We are so confident that you will be beyond thrilled with your new DVD system, we offer a lifetime guarantee! Contact or stop by your local Stereo Shop today to chat with an expert and shop our exceptional products and services.

Contact or stop by your local Stereo Shop today to chat with an expert and shop our exceptional products and services.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Overhead DVD Player Installation

An overhead DVD player installation from The Stereo Shop is the perfect option for vehicles with lots of space. Keep your little ones entertained on quick errand runs, long road trips, and everything in between with an overhead DVD player installation.

Don’t have kids but like to stay entertained on long drives? Let us install your overhead DVD player today. Pop in a documentary while you drive for some passive education. Or, play your favorite movie on solitary road trips for comforting background noise. End the car ride monotony with an overhead DVD player installation from The Stereo Shop.

Our services don’t stop with compact cars and family vehicles. We offer DVD installation for big rigs, campers and RV’s, and commercial vehicles. And, firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical service providers get 10% off. Reach out to The Stereo Shop today, or stop by your local shop to get a quote on overhead DVD player installation.
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Let Us Handle Your Headrest DVD Player Installation

A headrest DVD player installation is ideal for every size vehicle. From compact cars to big rigs, a headrest DVD player is a great option for entertainment on the go.

Ideal for family cars, headrest DVD players offer individualized entertainment for kids who don’t want to share a screen. With individual screens, your children can stay captivated while you focus on the road. Whatever the need, we guarantee you will love your headrest DVD player from The Stereo Shop. Whether you opt for educational programs or the latest animated feature, your kids will thank you for the cool new entertainment system. Contact The Stereo Shop today for a quote on your car DVD player installation. We are so sure you will love your new stereo system we offer a lifetime guarantee on our products and services. We can’t wait to work with you to make your entertainment on the go dreams come true with a headrest DVD player installation.

If you are ready to upgrade your vehicle’s entertainment system and give your passengers an unforgettable ride, contact The Stereo Shop today. Our shop, located in Winston-Salem, NC, is fully equipped with the latest car accessories and highly-trained installation technicians. We can customize entertainment systems for cars of all makes and models. We’re looking forward to helping you upgrade your ride!
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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • review rating 5  Had some windows tinted on my girlfriends car , exelent work , friendly knowledgeable staff , reasonable pricing

    thumb Bob Sheesley
  • review rating 5  Price installation and sounds are amazing!! Thank y’all for the setup it sounds amazing just the way I wanted

    thumb Jesus Perez
  • review rating 5  This is why you buy local: These guys get that anybody can save seventeen bucks at Best Buy, but here you get value for your money. I added a sub and new front speakers but kept the factory head unit. They added two amps, did all the wiring and put the sub in an out-of-the way place. There's no evidence of any upgrades - until you crank up the volume, that is!

    thumb tom mangan
  • review rating 5  Best place to go hands down! They are very professional and very timely. They did an excellent job installing my lights and I was extremely pleased with it. I highly recommend them to everyone!!!

    thumb Chad Smith
  • review rating 5  They are a wonderful family business. Very professional and reasonably priced. I would definitely do business with them again.

    thumb Beth Burgess
  • review rating 5  If you want peace of mind when having work done on your car, this is the place to go. You may pay a little more than some of the other places but the quality of work and customer service makes it worth the $$. I've had an alarm, auto start and underglow installed and I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. I highly recommend!

    thumb Kat Preston
  • review rating 5  I've had my car audio installed on my Volvo and my wife's Impala. It's beyond impeccable of the quality of work they do! Needless to say, I'm thoroughly impressed and HIGHLY recommend that anyone with needs of car audio to go to The Stereo Shop!!

    thumb Kenneth McIntyre
  • review rating 5  Was a great place and Blake was super nice

    thumb Joe Bentley
  • review rating 5  Extremely professional "mom & pops"Great selection nice shop much to like and to receive at great prices

    thumb Michael Watkins
  • review rating 5  Probably the most pain free, and humbled experience I've ever had in a car audio store. 10/10 recomend

    thumb Logan mtjoy
  • review rating 4  They did a good job, help me out also

    thumb Al Cooke
  • review rating 5  Great customer service

    thumb Danette Peters
  • review rating 5  Today's appointment at The Stereo Shop went very well. They installed my new stereo on time, as promised, no extra costs. Even provided a tutorial to get me set up and ready to rock in style. The owners and staff were very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. I would definitely use their services again. Thank you.

    thumb Kim Beveridge
  • review rating 5  Great bunch! Very knowledgeable and have a great line of products. I got what I needed and then some. They will definitely see me again! Thanks guys and gal.

    thumb Kevin Welch
  • review rating 5  Excellent service, very nice people, quality is 10/10. Thank you so much

    thumb charlie johnson
  • review rating 5  From my first experience with The Stereo Shop I didn’t even think twice. They really surprised me! Not only were they able to install 2 amps and change out all the speakers in my Lexus RX 330, they helped me out every step of the way!No surprises and crystal clear! They contacted me when changes occurred or big decisions needed to be made. For example certain speakers were no longer in stock, also they asked me to move my appointment one day earlier ahead of time. Which I was more than happy to!I could go on and on! But in reality this team goes above and beyond, they are super knowledgeable, the locations and wiring are so clean and nice I had difficulty finding where they had the second amp! You can’t even tell unless you look hard enough. Heck my steering wheel pops out and I didn’t realize the location of the bass knob!If only I could post a video of how crystal clear it all sounds! The amps have a clean input indicator. I tested them at the ranch on 3/4 volume no lights or clipping what so ever. Seriously thank you for everything and taking the time to make sure everything was perfect.

    thumb Cesar Ruiz
  • review rating 5  Dana, hope I am spelling her name right is the GOAT (Greatest of All time ) needs a raise lol if that could happen, I appreciate her a lot !! Did my wiring for my nissian Altima a week or so ago.... THANK YOU 💙!!

    thumb ShowTimeSayyy
  • review rating 4  I can't say enough about the customer service at the stereo shop. I was looking for some hard to find parts for my system Mr Blake had them on stock and at a very reasonable price. I happened to notice they had a printing machine for stickers just inquired thinking shot in the dark. Hedropped everything he was doing just to print out four stickers for me. You don't find customer service like that many places anymore.

    thumb Shk 7786
  • review rating 5  Dana , helped us with our nissian Altima today , we didn’t know what we was doing and she dived in and saved the day !!! Thank youuuuuuu

    thumb PrettyGirl Payton
  • review rating 5  I called the shop to get an appointment to get a radio installed they took me right in same day and got the job started and the price was unbeatable

    thumb SpeakEazy
  • review rating 5  I am so greatly appreciative of

    thumb Shavette Strange
  • review rating 5  Awesome Customer Service and never let me down!!!!

    thumb Albert Scales
  • review rating 5  Great people! Enjoyed my experience

    thumb Braze Moore
  • review rating 5  Blake and his team were outstanding when installing a dash camera that I did not buy from them. They were very professional, great hospitality, they made me feel right at home while I was waiting. After completed all wires were not seen, all panels were properly installed back to the factory conditions. Highly recommended. I would go back to The Stereo Shop in a heartbeat not to mention recommend others.

    thumb Andrew Glass
  • review rating 5  Friendly, helpful, very honest

    thumb jeff miller
  • review rating 5  Great folks! My XM tuner wasn't responding, so I stopped by today. They did a hard reset on the radio and it came back up working fine.

    thumb Randy Young
  • review rating 4  The few times I've been good guys willing to help. They have installed a few things for me when something didn't work made it right!

    thumb Super Dave's
  • review rating 5  This is the place to go!!! I've been shopping around for remote, auto start for a while and this is the place to go. BLAKE is very knowledgeable and gives u all the info you need. Reasonable prices and Excellent service. Don't hesitate to check them out. Thanx Blake.

    thumb Cheryl Nonya
  • review rating 5  Good good

    thumb Anthony Ferrara III
  • review rating 5  Where to begin. From my very first interaction with Blake and Dana and everyone, I knew that this was a shop that was serious about their work and extremely knowledgeable about anything I could think of. This is a family owned shop that produces outstanding work, and more than that, they work hard to make sure that you get what you want. It doesn't matter your budget, they'll work with you. If they can't do it, they know the right people who can.The stereo shop has installed a bunch of stuff on my car, and just because they could and they knew that I couldn't, they fixed a bunch of stuff that was originally done incorrectly. They found problems that I didn't know were problems (one of my door speakers was out of phase, and I don't even know what the Best Buy guy did to my radio but it took like an hour to fix) and then fixed them as part of the existing work order, essentially meaning they didn't charge extra when other companies might have. Blake once helped me troubleshoot distortion in the system and was able to systematically eliminate possible sources of distortion and eventually trace it all the way back to my phone, on which I had forgotten to turn off a built in equalizer (so that there was an equalizer on my phone and stereo, and crossovers on the amps - just too many sound modifications to produce clean sound). It was an embarrassing moment and fortunately a simple fix. You can certainly find cheaper businesses if you're looking, but you won't find another store as hard working or more importantly COMPETENT in this price range.I'd also like to add that, when they tell you information before you buy, they give you everything you need to know at the knowledge level you come in with, and they are SPOT ON about what they tell you. They also give you the pros and cons of different choices, so you really make decisions that are well informed and in line with what you want. You want the nice speakers but don't want to pay for the amp or the amp install? That's fine! But, they won't sound as good. Thinking about getting a major overhaul for your system, speakers, amplifiers, wiring, subwoofer, the works, but want to retain your factory stereo? Great, let's do it. But, have you considered just getting a nicer stereo, with better audio output parameters, instead? Maybe you don't need all that. Maybe you do. Maybe the stereo you have is really specific, and can't be switched out. They will know that. You might need some additional gadgets to make it sound just right, and they will know that and will recommend it.For example, Blake once tried to tell me that the radio I was getting had a low output voltage through the RCA cables (the ones that take the sound from the stereo to the amplifiers/speakers) and that I would be happier with a radio that had higher output voltage because the sound would be both cleaner and louder. It makes sense, right? If the signal you are trying to amplify starts out small, it can only get so loud before it distorts; if the signal you are trying to amplify starts out stronger, you can play louder (or a more reasonable volume) before distortion begins to creep into the sound. The price differential was like $200 dollars, so I was skeptical; but of course, he was right, and I can tell the difference in sound quality when I play it at low volumes vs when I play at high volumes. It's small, but it's there.For reference (TL;DR I list some things they did), they've installed one new radio/stereo/head unit with bluetooth calling, connected my new stereo to my backup camera, they've taken out and put in new wiring (big 3 upgrade), replaced subwoofer wiring so that I could switch my existing subwoofer and amplifier with an absolute behemoth (for those wondering, I went from 700 wats rms to 2000 watts rms: 4x50rms + 500rms to 4x50rms + 1800rms, from a pioneer amp and pioneer sub to the Kicker CX1800 mono paired with the kicker Q class dual L7 (square woofers) 12" pre-loaded enclosure). The subwoofer and radio installations came out especially well.I cannot recommend The Stereo Shop enough.

    thumb Sam Sockwell
  • review rating 5  Nice people, replaced all factory speakers and added an amp. Was able to install same day as purchase.

    thumb David Johnson
  • review rating 5  Great place, very helpful And knowledgeable

    thumb David Taylor
  • review rating 5  Satisfied customer since 1999 !! Always great work.

    thumb Jenny N Frankie
  • review rating 5  Great service and the product selection is amazing

    thumb Mike Bonner
  • review rating 5  These folks did a number on my truck system! The install was clean and neat. They maximized the potential of my amp and subwoofers! They have my business from here on out !

    thumb Ramz D
  • review rating 5  I had a system installed in my 2019 Challenger and 2018 Jeep Cherokee. They do great work, overly friendly and use quality parts. I am overly satisfied with each system.I highly recommend The Stereo Shop to any and all for your music needs.

    thumb John Cortez, Jr.
  • review rating 5  They did a great job, I Love them for hooking up my wife's jeep.

    thumb Devin Green
  • review rating 5  Blake and his crew are the nicest folks to deal with and are true professionals. Their workmanship is top notch and their products and services are more than reasonably priced. They truly went above and beyond the call of duty on my recent project and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend them!!!

    thumb Frank Hinman
  • review rating 5  My husband and I came here bought speaker amp combo and the lady is super nice. We had issues from hooking up our self so we called and got appointment for 3:00 and the guy that fixed what we didn't fix right in about 30 mins Max and we were out before our appointment time ! Excellent service ! Great work ! I recommend this place to anyone !

    thumb Sherri Hubbard (Jason’s wife)
  • review rating 5  I am a very impatient person and called here last minute the day before I wanted to get a stereo installed in my car. After hearing they were booked up for a couple days I thanked the guy and congratulated them for having the amount of business that they do in this Covid time, but opted to go elsewhere. A little while later I got a message back from the same guy stating they have a cancellation and I could come the next day. Yes!!! Not only did they get me in last minute, but after I left and couldn’t figure out my own system, Anna was nice enough to come outside in the heat and help me set up my phone to the Bluetooth. That’s alright with me!!!! Thanks y’all! Nice doing business with you!!!

    thumb Christie Baity
  • review rating 5  They were absolutely amazing!!! My sound system was done perfectly and very professionally!!!

    thumb Mario Singleton
  • review rating 5  1st personal experience... I must say I ve found a home. Blake and his staff are very welcoming and I must say HONEST. I was wiry with a direction I was being given. I must say that it all worked out better than what I was advised. There is fsmily at the stereo shop go by and enjoy. Tell 'em Ron sent you!!!

    thumb Ron Johnson
  • review rating 5  I have taken several cars to them and they always good great work. Avoid Best Buy and bring your car here. It's money well spent.

    thumb Daniel Ransome
  • review rating 5  These guys did very right by me. I had a radio installed and not 5 min down the road there were issues with it. I came right back and they did alot of troubleshooting to find there was issues with the unit. They put in a different unit and refunded me the difference between them. I would recommend them.

    thumb Nathan Strom
  • review rating 5  Even though I haven't brought in big sound system projects, I've still always been treated like a valued customer. The quality of the components they offer are a step above what you would expect and the service is top notch. I never hesitate to take the staff recommendations as everyone knows A/V components inside and out here.

    thumb William Moody
  • review rating 5  They went above and beyond the call of duty when they put my system on my boat . Then to top that they when a step further when installing my wife's remote start on her jeep these guys made happen with it my wife having to miss one minute of work . They adjusted their schedule to accommodate our day and that it's rare in this day and time. I would encourage everyone to shop here Blake and his team are very good at what they do... thank you so much. We love the remote start and our system on our boat ...

    thumb jason ashley
  • review rating 5  My son goes to Wake Forest, which is not far from this shop. When his aftermarket stereo and climate control went into an error state, we had to find someone in Winston Salem to troubleshoot the issue. (The error meant that he had no AC or radio capabilities.) The Stereo Shop was able to identify the issue as a bad firmware update. They worked with the manufacturer, got the proper software, and reapplied it. They also checked the wiring and hardware and found no other issues. They did all of the above and only charged us for one hour of troubleshooting. I was impressed.It's hard to call someone from across the country and be lucky enough to find professionals, but that is what happened here. This is how all small businesses should operate.

    thumb Jason Tynes
  • review rating 5  Great people to work with. Super nice folks who want to make sure that you get what you're looking for. Their work is excellent and their shop is very clean. It is very nice inside the main area as well as inside the garage where they do their work. Great place to go if you want good quality work done on just about anything electrical

    thumb Corey Biggs
  • review rating 5  These guys have been a big help!👍

    thumb Jim Gardner
  • review rating 5  My experience with this shop was great, got excellent service, oh yes and nice sounds.

    thumb fyredoggy Astrop
  • review rating 5  I had been to several stereo sales establishments with my dilemma and unable to find a soloution. The stereo shop offered me a soloution that worked out perfectly. Thank you!!!!!!! I will return.

    thumb Cliff ord
  • review rating 5  Great service and friendly. I only needed a few minor things done and they took care of everything I mentioned. Very professional and clean place.

    thumb Adam Smith
  • review rating 5  I've been going to The Stereo Shop for almost 20 years for everything from radio installs, car alarms, remote starters, subwoofer and amp installs, dash camera hardwiring, and adding a back-up camera and Android Auto/Bluetooth integration to an older car. They've worked on at least 7 or 8 cars for my wife and me over the years, and they have done a great job on each and every one! I've always left after each visit as a satisfied customer, which is why I will continue to come back. The staff is very knowledgeable, and always willing to help you find the product that perfectly fits your needs and budget.

    thumb Ryan Daniels
  • review rating 5  Five Star Plus rating excellent customer service information and assistance I'm never had any bad service for the stereo shop on Reynolda Road Winston-Salem North Carolina excellent group I will be back again I will return thank you this day our shop management and staff for great shopping experience

    thumb Leonard Eugene Warner Jr.
  • review rating 5  Blake fit me in on a Saturday and gave me a good deal..Very knowledgeable in this field.highly recommended.

    thumb Darrell Asbury
  • review rating 5  guys in there are awesome and dont push the sale.

    thumb Neil Rotroff
  • review rating 5  I love The Stereo Shop! They have always been helpful, courteous and professional! Charles and Blake are the best! I highly recommend them for all of your car stereo or home theater needs!

    thumb New Era Motors
  • review rating 4  Helpful, knowledgable folks

    thumb Elizabeth Goins
  • review rating 5  I replaced headrest speakers on my '92 Miata. I was very satisfied with the advice I received from the Stereo Shop as well as the quality of the speakers and installation.

    thumb Karr Steve
  • review rating 5  The guys are great and work hard to figure out any problems. They take great care of your vehicle.

    thumb Joel Harris
  • review rating 5  Great work.

    thumb scott jones
  • review rating 5  Knew their products well and could make happen what I wanted to happen.

    thumb Becky Minnix
  • review rating 5  The attention to detail these guys have is fabulous and the prices even better!! My wife was thrilled with her new car system! Made me look like a hero.

    thumb David Rodwell
  • review rating 5  It has been, and continues to be a pleasure to do businss at the Stereo Shop. Everyone is a professional, well trained and always helpful. They have installed systems in both my car and my home and done an excellent job in both. I feel fortunate to have them to work with.

    thumb Pauline Chapman
  • review rating 5  This is without a doubt, the best place to buy audio equipment. Professional installation and good prices as well.

    thumb William Sams
  • review rating 5  Truthful and efficient

    thumb Morgan Williams
  • review rating 5  Excellent, fast service for installation of a back-up camera for my son's truck.

    thumb Susan O'Brien
  • review rating 5  Very Professional, knowledgeable and timely!

    thumb Phillip Johnson
  • review rating 5  They repaired our Bose radio/cd player, but unfortunately it didn't stay fixed. It was in the warranty & they were able to have it replaced. Great service & friendly staff. I highly recommend The Stereo Shop.

    thumb Mary Anne Hicks
  • review rating 5  Excellent product knowledge & service

    thumb Stephen Phillips
  • review rating 5  They treated me well and got the work done to my car. If I need any stereo work done this is the place I'm going to .

    thumb Edman209
  • review rating 5  I have known these men and done business with them for a number of years. The work they did on my sound system was top drawer. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Allen Bacon
  • review rating 5  Very knowledgeable.

    thumb Keith Howard
  • review rating 5  Charles was amazing from start finish!!!

    thumb Southern Dental Associates
  • review rating 5  Answer all my questions and left no questions unanswered.

    thumb Keegan J
  • review rating 5  The service was great and high quality merchandise decintly priced as well.

    thumb Trevor Ivester
  • review rating 5  They installed a new head unit and a back up camera. I have a older model corvette so I wanted something to look up to date but factory look. They did a fantastic job and the service was off the charts....I will be in touch to do a front camera and a small box in the back. Thanks guys!!

    thumb Barry Deas
  • review rating 5  The Stereo Shop is top notch! They know their products and installs are done well!!

    thumb Monte Long
  • review rating 5  Friendly, very knowledgeable staff and excellent car audio installation. Just purchased my 2nd car stereo from the shop.

    thumb Barry Nelson
  • review rating 5  Had a stereo put in my truck. Had to go back a couple of times for a couple of issues with it. Even though they were busy, they took the time to solve the problem. And still offered advise and future help if needed.Customer service at it's best.

    thumb T Bryson
  • review rating 5  I've been installing stereo systems in different types of vehicles for 15 years but never a pair of Kicker solobaric's... So after successfully installing my DVD/CD/Radio player into my dash, I was satisfied with that for a couple months. My factory Bose system worked just fine as far as being factory speakers, but as time passed I kept thinking about the good old days when I had subwoofers to deliver that heart pounding bass. So I looked up KICKER subwoofers online and decided I was going to get a pair. I went to the Stereo Shop and spoke with Blake... Blake answered all my questions about that particular brand of subwoofers and told me that the Kicker Solobaric's were the best ones Kicker makes. So with that in mind I started asking about how much a pair would cost me and thought to myself surly I can find a pair for cheaper. I leave that day and decide to search online. A couple days later I go back and show him what I found... He couldn't believe the price and what all it included (Speakerbox, Subwoofers, Amplifier, Wire Kit) and although I was deciding to purchase my parts elsewhere, he still remained professional. I told him I would bring the subwoofers by the shop after they came in the mail so he could verify that what I purchased was indeed authentic. After receiving my system in the mail I notice that instead of two terminals, the Kicker Solobaric's contain four terminals. So I think to myself, I can probably figure this out on my own but didn't wanna risk damaging the subwoofers. I already didn't really feel like fooling with it so I decided to let them install every thing.I go to the shop with my system to have it installed and some young guy starts the installation process. Im thinking he's just getting it ready for Blake, but he ended up doing the whole job. Well the subwoofers were good but somewhere between uninstalling and reinstalling the DVD/CD/Radio player, something was plugged in that wasn't supposed to be which resulted in blowing all of my passenger side speakers. I was upset but wasn't really worried about it because I was also going to upgrade my door speakers. I got the back door speakers and installed those myself and started hearing loud crackling and popping sounds every time I'd hit the smallest bump in the road as well as when turning my steering wheel. I was so frustrated one time it happened to the point that I hit my steering wheel with my fist, then I found out by doing that it would temporarily stop the annoying noise... After spending a couple days of having to put up with that, I called Blake and was told to bring it by for troubleshooting. I took it back to the shop and the same young guy who I then find out was only 22 years old, he's the one that's troubleshooting the issue. He took the DVD/CD/Radio player back out the dash and says everything is plugged in right and wasn't able to fix the problem. It was close to closing time and Blake was working on something else, so I call back the next day. By this time im frustrated, Blake's frustrated and still convinced that his employee Avery didn't do anything wrong to cause the issue. After months of frustration I call to speak again about something needing to be done about this and im given a appointment date. I finally go in today, Blake takes a look at it and sure enough something was plugged in that shouldn't have been. Im giving everyone the whole story for one simple reason. If you deal with the Stereo Shop, which at this point I highly recommend you do, make sure you specify who you want working on your vehicle. Blake fixed this terrible problem in less than 10 minutes. At first I wanted to prove that the young guy caused everything and be reimbursed for my blown door speakers, but he's no longer employed at Stereo Shop and I don't believe in anyone paying for someone else's mistakes. People, when you go to the Stereo Shop just tell Blake you only want him to do all of your in dash wiring, even if your wait time has to be longer. Wondering if I'd ever go back to the Stereo Shop... Yes because I support self owned businesses.

    thumb Dj Pimptite
  • review rating 5  The stereo shop is the place to go to buy good quality stereo equipment at a reasonable price with very knowledgeable staff. They go out of their way to pay attention to detail.

    thumb James Pelot
  • review rating 5  Best place in the world👍

    thumb Xiojuanayry Avila
  • review rating 5  Very helpful & professional

    thumb Phillip Ridgeway
  • review rating 5  They did a great job helping me select a replacement navigation unit for my minivan. Perfect job on the installation as well. Thanks guys.

    thumb Darryl Yamashita
  • review rating 5  Fast, friendly, fair pricing. These folks know their stuff.I highly recommend them....

    thumb Bobby Spivey
  • review rating 5  I received a wonderful, well-made JVC Bluetooth stereo for my car. The fine and professional people from The Stereo Shop were very helpful in picking something for me that fit my needs and budget. This is the place to go for all your stereo and music needs!

    thumb Tori Graham
  • review rating 5  Charles Bellia has been installing car radios and speaker systems in our vehicles for over 8 years. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our cars, and to give us the best deal, and the best service. The prices are reasonable, the work is superb, and the products are always top notch. Mr. Bellia knows and keeps up with the latest technology and devices. If you are not sure what you need, he will be able to offer suggestions and different options. I will drive the hour and a half from Charlotte to visit his shop if I need anything.

    thumb Kasandra womeldorf
  • review rating 5  This place is great. I have used multiple sound shops. They have wired 2 of our spray shops and just did one plus add in radio and speakers. I highly recommend them. As a business owner myself the owner of the stereo shop runs it how it should be!!!!!

    thumb Logan Prince
  • review rating 5  A CD had been stuck in my Mustang's Shaker 500 system for over a year. The radio still worked, so it's a problem I put on the back burner all this time. The downside was, if we went on vacation or the car wasn't used for a week, the battery needed charging.Ford recommended The Stereo Shop and I made arrangements to bring it in yesterday. Because they really don't know what they're faced with until they have the system taken apart, we thought it may be a couple/few hours to fix. But I got in there, they removed the system, fixed the problem and had everything back together in about an hour!I couldn't have been more pleased. Everyone there was so very friendly and helpful, and the work they did was so professional and quick. I highly recommend The Stereo Shop for your automotive stereo needs and repairs.

    thumb Queen of the World
  • review rating 5  The Stereo Shop installed XM and speakers in our Jeep Grand Cherokee and I LOVE them. Quality service and good prices, will definitely go back for all my stereo needs.

    thumb Delaney Womeldorf
  • review rating 5  Wow! Wow! Wow!What a great experience. I had Josh at The Stereo Shop design a "Man Cave" for our home. After my first conversation with him I knew The Stereo Shop was the right place for me. Before speaking with The Stereo Shop I spoke with a few local shops and the big box stores. They all wanted to sell me stuff where as The Stereo Shop designed me a system.They completed my install, far exceeding my expectations! I love showing off my system to my family and friends. I recently recommended The Stereo Shop to my coworker and they lived up to the expectations I set for them.Thanks, Stereo Shop!

    thumb Joshua Bright
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